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Elements of zodiac: The Groups of Zodiacs!

Reading Time: 3 minutes   Water, Fire, Air, Earth. These are the elements, along with ether or soul, that make up our universe.... Read more »
Books can truly change our lives

Books to read when you want to change your life

Reading Time: 3 minutes Books are considered to be the gateways to our hearts and souls. I know it sounds extremely cringeworthy. But... Read more »
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Doping in sports: A serious issue

Reading Time: 3 minutes Doping has been an issue in the sports world for quite some time now. It isn’t contained in mainstream... Read more »
five golden rules of vastu shastra for buying a home 449 s1

VASTU SHASTRA: A way of life.

Reading Time: 3 minutes Vastu Shastra is a very important aspect when selecting a home for you. For many years now, I have... Read more »
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Jagannath Mahaprabhu goes in Self Isolation !

Reading Time: < 1 minute Every year Bhagavan Jagannatha remains in isolation for 14 days. This ritual has been going on for several... Read more »
Mr Manas Mehrotra Chairman 315Work Avenue

Coronavirus _ Response from 315Work Avenue,a leading coworking space provider

Reading Time: < 1 minute We are seeing business as usual in our workspaces. However, we have asked employees if they have any... Read more »

Have a day of nice activity

Reading Time: < 1 minute Bad habits create a poor character and an unpleasant life,while good habits become the foundation of a spectacular... Read more »
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India gets it’s first Chief of the Defence Staff of India

Reading Time: < 1 minute General Manoj Narvane took charge as the new Army chief from the outgoing Chief of Army General Bipin... Read more »
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MAYHEM IN THE MONTH OF MAY: Cyclonic Fani and life aftermath in Odisha

Reading Time: 3 minutes In 1568 Afghan ruler Sulaiman Kirrani the then Sultan of Bengal with the support of his merciless  Bengali general ... Read more »