Top 10 Evil Haunted Places in Odisha

Top 10 Evil Haunted Places in Odisha

Tales or Truths? Top 10 Most Haunted Places in Orissa
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We all love holidaying at various destinations to unwind ourselves from life stressors.

Travelling is a sure way to enable ourselves to return home feeling better than when we left! For this, we never even hesitate to push our boundaries and walk some extra miles.

And if not that — well, then at least for a pretty wonderful snapshot for our Instagram profiles. But what if we tell you that some of the places you have been to were declared haunted? And your intuition of someone being behind you was real and not an assumption?

What if we tell you that the eerie feeling was not due to a gust of wind but someone sitting beside you? Surely, you have known Odisha as the brightest state of India in the form of remarkable architecture, wildlife sanctuary, history, mouth-watering cuisines, expressive dance styles, and vibrant art music.

But be rest assured that you haven’t heard about Odisha covered in haunts, frights, and macabre from abandoned places, forgotten towns, tainted villages to unlikely places such as spooky hostels and frightening roads.

Hold your breath, brace yourself as here we take you on the roller-coaster ride uncovering the top 10 evil haunted places in Odisha. Let us warn you, these locations are bizarre, bloodcurdling, and mysterious. 

Ready? Try not to scream too loud! 

1. Cuttack’s Ring Road

Ring Road
Picture Credit: nsatyajeet

The Ring Road situated in Cuttack is believed to be haunted by multiple spirits as innumerable incidences of road accidents have taken place here to date. 

According to one of the reports of Times of India, more than 26 accidents occurred on the stretch out of which three people died in 2017 alone. What would be the number of accidental deaths since then? Just imagine! 

Reasoning those accidental deaths, the commuters reported that the accidents were the results of mere negligence on the part of the traffic officials and their failure to facilitate traffic in different portions of the city.

It should be well noted that there were more than 20 cut-points on the 2.5-km stretch by then which was thought to be the reason for those accidents.

Prabhas Sahoo, one of the commuters, believed that daily travellers were using the huge gaps between the partitions to cross from one end to the other.

In doing so, one of his friends was hit by a speeding bike entering from the other side and was severely injured while attempting to pass over the road using a cut-point.

Further strengthening the speculations, traffic ACP in one of their interviews was heard saying that they would review the illegal cut-points of the Ring Road made by shop proprietors for benefits and conveniences of their own.

Nonetheless, a large number of the population still believe that these occurrences are because of Ring Road being haunted by dangerous apparitions.

The fact that it is constructed alongside the Christian crematorium itself is enough to petrify anyone. People have confessed to having seen walking dead bodies on the road.

Intensifying the fear factor more, drivers and bystanders have witnessed half-burnt people walking down the streets. They are believed to be ghosts as they suddenly vanish into thin air after a while as they walk. The span of their presence or disappearance may not be obvious. 

However, witnessing such a scenario especially at night is freaking scary and a jaw-dropping experience. 

2. Cuttack’s Girls Hostel

Cuttack's Haunted Hostels
Photo Credit: Gwendal Cottin via Unsplash (For Illustration Purpose Only)

The abandoned and tragic hostel of Cuttack was once lively and inhabited by many girls. Now, the bleak and lifeless look of the building has a story of it’s own and is itself a narrative of its story.

According to local legends, the hostel is haunted by an old-aged spirit that is seen lurking down the corridors and compartments who then quickly disappears if a glimpse of her is caught.

There have been many such reports found in the past too which resulted in the abandonment of the hostel by those girl students. Such similar reports pretty much sum up why the hostel may have been vacated in the first place. 

Many other paranormal activities have been gossiped about by the locals making it a mysteriously popular haunted place in Cuttack. Furthermore, it is said to have hidden secrets of its own. 

People have heard and said a lot about this place being such as that of treasuring mysteries but apparently, there is no evidence to be found about its genuineness.

Nobody knows what these secrets are and given the situation exploring the same seems out of the question. As nobody dares to be a visitor, will these mysteries be ever revealed or will they only remain much-talked folklore of the town? Only time will tell.

3. Puri’s Mysterious House

Puri's Mysterious House
Picture Credit: Victor Chaidez via Unsplash (For Illustration Purpose Only)

The neglected house located in Puri is one of the eeriest places in Odisha as it is possessed by the apparition of its ex-owner. This house which has become only a tourist place was once cherished by its unfortunate owner so much so that he refused to sell it to anybody else even for a decent price.

It is believed that the owner was going through unavoidable problems in his life that made him commit suicide. After his death, the house was sold to new inhabitants who resided there only for a while as they had the most hair-raising experiences in the form of supernatural activities.

These continual incidences confirmed the presence of the last owner as felt by the residents. As per the locals, his spirit still resides here making his love evident for this place… spooky enough?!

If sources are to be believed, it is said that residents who stayed in the house were either scared away to death by the paranormal activities of the ghost or they lost their mental stability as a consequence, after having seen the ghost of its ex-owner in front of them.

Not only has it been a centre of attraction for locals and tourists but also has witnessed visitors from foreign countries. Extensively famous among paranormal fanatics and ghost-hunters, time and again this spot has also been visited by experts for research purposes.

Next time you visit here, make sure you take someone with you.

4. Nayagarh’s Chandpur Village

Chandpur Village's Haunted Tree
Picture Credit: Fallon Micheal via Unsplash (For Illustration Purpose Only)

Chandpur Village, located in the Nayagarh province of Odisha is another name for frightening and panic-stricken occurrences. The spine-tingling tales of Chandpur Village encompass a demonic tree. This giant tree is thought to be possessed by devilish spirits that are responsible for taking several lives of innocent villagers. 

Jhilli and Shivu were two such locals who fell prey to the horrendous tree spirits. By wanting to protect their village from the wrath of the deadly tree, they signed their death warrants. As per the reports, it all started when Shivu’s father was assaulted by the same tree-dweller evil spirits.

Unaware of the evil ahead of him, Shivu was on a mission to delve deeper to find more about the unidentified mystery. On further investigation, the truth became known to the villagers that the tree was possessed by some sort of demonic powers.

Later, Shivu saw a girl named Jhilli who attempted to harm the tree and so also happened to be possessed by that evil. The evil spirit spoke through Jhilli’s soul and revealed the devil powers of the tree. The villagers along with Shivu decided to abolish the evil within it. By uprooting the tree, Shivu decided to get rid of it.

Unfortunately, his efforts were in vain as he could not do so and was killed by evil powers. Breathing more life into all speculation, his death bolstered the ghost theories which only deteriorated the situation even more. This tragedy deepened the fear by raising the bar to the maximum and became the talk of the Nayagarh town.

Frozen with fear, villagers were compelled to abandon the tree. Now, instead of planning to destroy it, they have learned to live with it. Nobody dares to step out of their dwellings at night. Even today, villagers shiver when they are reminded about those soul-trembling episodes.

People also claim to have felt spookish vibes just passing by the tree. Hence, they avoid staking their life by venturing near them at any cost. After all, who would want to have a ghastly encounter with a haunted tree? Me, neither!

5. Dhenkanal’s Jatan Nagar Palace

Jatan Nagar Palace
Picture Credit: Akash Satpathy

The story of the renowned Jatan Nagar Palace also known as “The Palace of Pain” reads like the plot of a gruesome horror movie.

Built by forced labour in the early 20th century; ruthlessly treating elephants to carry massive stones around 200 feet level from the ground, this 100-room palace is believed to be allegedly cursed by spirits of the labourers who were physically and psychologically tormented in special torture cells by King Pattayet Nrusingha Pratap Singh Deo leading to many of their untimely demises.

Back then, Pattayet Nrusingha Pratap Singh Deo was ruling Dhenkanal on behalf of his elder brother King Shankar Pratap Singh Deo who was still studying. King Shankar Pratap had a compassionate heart and was kind towards his people.

He decided to take charge of his kingdom after completing his education as he had gone to England to complete his further studies in Law.

Late Pattayet Nrusingha Pratap Singh Deo of Dhenkanal with wife Pattayetuni Jatan Kumari Devi of Bera
Late Pattayet Nrusingha Pratap Singh Deo of Dhenkanal with wife Pattayetuni Jatan Kumari Devi of Bera.

Nrusingha Pratap was believed to be a cruel psychopath who enjoyed seeing people suffer by agonizing them. In the absence of the king, not only workers but also animals were persecuted under the younger brother’s rule. Starving them to death, the Elephants were not fed for several days.

Workers were made to work without wages which were widely witnessed by the locals. Anybody raising their voice against such brutal acts was either punished or massacred.

After the palace was completely constructed, the chief engineers and masons were executed by the King to avoid reconstruction of the same structure elsewhere. Call it his Karma or misfortune but he could not move into the palace as by then the real King Shankar Pratap Singh Deo had returned from England.

The King found out about his brother’s brutality and banished him from the kingdom — marking the end of his barbaric rule! Although it was the end of his cruelty the curse had just begun. On the inaugural day, a vulture was seen sitting on the dome of the palace.

During those days, vultures were considered a sign of ill-omen in Odisha. Due to this event, the Royal family of the King could not enjoy the luxury of the palace even for a single day and had to vacate it immediately as ordered by King Shankar Pratap Singh Deo.

Even after a stern warning, one of the members of the Royal family stayed in the palace but disappeared the very next morning and was never found anywhere again. What happened to that person? Is still a mystery!

If sources are to be believed, the spirits of those tortured people live within the walls even today where the ear-piercing cries are also reported by the natives. Without a doubt, this palace tops the list of spooky places in India to be avoided after sunsets!

If you are an avid reader, you would want to check out the book “Bhulibu Nahin” by Dhalbraja Kisora to learn more about the history of Jatan Nagar Palace and Dhenkanal in general.

Currently, this demolished site is under renovation by its owner to captivate sightseers across the country. Planning your next visit to Jatan Nagar Palace? Beware!

6. Bhubaneshwar’s Rie’s haunted house

Rie's Haunted House
Picture Credit: Maksym Kaharlytskyi via Unsplash (For Illustration Use Only)

A place with where the maximum numbers of suicides were committed instantly becomes the key reason to creep out people to death. Likewise, it catches the attention of ghost story enthusiasts and becomes the centre of gossip among people.

Such a place is the Regional Institute of Education’s house located in the capital city of Bhubaneshwar in Odisha. The house was once well-famous for being home to many students who occupied this place but somehow all died tragically. Now, it is nothing but a bastion of their souls.

The traditional legends say that many college students have committed suicide in this house. These suicidal incidents had a huge impact leaving the locals terrified, enlisting it under the category of the most haunted houses of Odisha.

Local legends infer that the house, as well as the institute, is haunted by the spirits of those unfortunate students who had to take their own lives. Although the reason is thought to be study pressure, their real reasons to commit suicide are still ambiguous.

People who have been here earlier had reported paranormal activities. The presence of multiple apparitions in the house was felt by many of them. They were particularly noticed feeling as if someone was walking over the rooftop around evening even though there was not a single tenant residing.

Macabre shadows have been witnessed at the commencement of night. Furthermore, locals have heard weeping sounds under the darkness. There are also other reports of indescribable appearances that heighten the barometer of terror.

The place gets real nightmarish at night and it is advisable to visit here only during the daytime. It must be avoided after sunset till dawn as the most supernatural activities are expected to be apparent within this duration. You definitely would not want bewildering ghostly encounters.

Day or night, I would say that one must be wide-awake while visiting allegedly haunted places as it is always better to be wary than sorry. And if you are faint-hearted — run away, avoid it, or enter at your own risk!

7. Bhubaneshwar’s State Highway

Haunted State Highway, Odisha
Picture Credit: Gabriel Alenius via Unsplash (For Illustration Use Only)

Lost in the breezy gust among the fluttering leaves of trees still lies the echo of her painful cries. A creepy road, haunted by an evil entity asking for lifts… Sounds familiar? Sure, 30 brownie points for you!

During our childhood, we all have heard horror bedtime stories from our grandparents which typically included a creepy road tale. Similarly, the legend’s speculation about this highway appears identical in some ways, pointing towards it being a haunted road.

What’s the difference? Just one — Those were childhood stories, this is a real deal.

The State Highway neighbouring Bhubaneshwar is haunted by a lady witch. It is presumably the most frequently heard haunted place in Odisha. Locals had it that a woman was hit by a vehicle on the State Highway and died by accident on the spot. Since then, she has been chasing drivers.

Many mouths lead to many angles, some people also say that it was not an accident rather she was murdered by someone. Avenging her death, she lingers into the darkness of nights searching for her killer. Eyewitnesses have seen her ghostly figure standing along the secluded roadside at midnight asking for a lift.

Stopping the vehicle results in her sudden disappearance. Can it get more spooky? Precisely!

The witch is believed to get inside the vehicle and creeping out the driver with deafening howls that later turn out into creepy giggles if not stopped as per her request. It is also reckoned that those screams are so noisy that they could make its hearer deaf and horrify them endlessly.

Imagine a screaming ghost behind you in your car… Now, that’s scary!  Various regional bystanders have also heard soul-shivering abnormal voices in the form of loud cries, devilish laughers, and depressing screams that can chill anybody’s blood at night.

Reportedly, this curvy expressway has mysteriously recorded a massive number of disastrous accidents. Many have correlated it with the road being haunted. They believe that when the spirit of the witch is noticed by the drivers, they lose their balance resulting in road accidents.

Nevertheless, there is no evidence found indicating any such correlation. Despite its link being questionable, one is highly recommended to be careful while driving at night.

8. Khordha’s Mangalajodi tree

Mangalajodi Haunted Tree
Picture Credit: Truman Talbot via Unsplash (For Illustration Use Only)

Ever heard about a prophesying tree? You read it right!

An enormous tree at the heart of the Mangalajodi region, in Khordha city, Mangalajodi tree is a haven to the most dangerous evil spirit. Prominent as Odisha’s one of the most haunted places, the Khordha’s Mangalajodi tree may remind you of Chandpur Village’s deadly tree.

Unlike Chandpur Village’s tree, the Mangalajodi tree was believed to have predicted the destiny of the villagers.

According to the local legend of Mangalajodi, the tree is cursed and possessed by the spirit. This killer tree’s ghost certainly possessed another girl of the village and spoke through her addressing the inhabitants of the village. She prophesied that the tree would take the lives of 21 people before the commencement of Dussehra.

All hell broke loose when it came true. After that, several phantom activities were felt by people in the middle of the night. Since then, the spirit has been stalking people. The villagers became the victim of the spirit’s evil eye as time and again many people died by suffering from the diseases.

According to villagers, people who touch the tree, no matter what is done to save them, these people fall ill and die immediately or after a few days. By 14th April 2007, seven people became victims and died at the hands of the evil spirit after touching the tree in March.

Bearing in mind all the consequences, people refuse to go near where the tree stood, as they fear meeting the same fate of seven people who were killed by the ghost. Villagers were so scared that they avoided coming out of their residences once dusk fell, as the ghost is thought to walk around the village then.

Such long torture became intolerable and some of the braver-hearted people in a hamlet pulled the tree down. Bhawani Behra, the 19 years old boy was the latest victim of the spirit as he helped to demolish the tree along with other villagers.

According to Anasuya Behra, the sister of the victim, her brother died coughing up blood and informed her of noticing a white cat walking spookily about the tree. In one of the interviews with Zee News, Anasuya informed about children’s unwillingness to go to school and college due to the terror. 

Even if they had to, they would take indirect and long routes to school. She believed that the brutal spirit had paralyzed their village. Villagers would talk in a hushed voice to avoid the evil spirit overhearing them. By the evening, all would be quiet and people would be scared to even go to the local shop.

Even today, the fallen trees still evoke panic among the villagers as the prophecy of the girl came true adding sheer authenticity to her words. Laxmidhar Behra, the chief of the village’s governing council confirmed the prophecy coming true and stated that the spirit appears to be on the rampage of killing people.

Regardless, the social activist named it superstitious beliefs stating that myths have been widespread more in India’s rural areas. Furthermore, villagers prefer black magic over medical treatment due to the lack of proper health care facilities that give rise to such superstition (Bureau Report)…

Can it be recognized as a new twist in the conventional tale?

9. Kansbahal’s Ghost Bungalow

Kansbahal's Ghost Bungalow
Picture Credit: Wallpaper Access

Situated in the tribal heartland of Sundargarh district in Odisha, the Kansbahal Bungalow of the 19th century is believed to be the God-forsaken land. Making it the spookiest Bungalow of Odisha, it is considered the most cursed place in Kansbahal.

There was a time when Kansbahal Bungalow, being a prevailing treat to the eyes for many people, was one of the best Bungalows in the colony of Kansbahal. 

According to legend, this bungalow is now only the abode for wandering souls. Back in 1970, there were some devastating incidents and untimely deaths due to the curse of this place that deprived dwellers of even thinking of residing here.

It has been among one of the least inhabited of places of Odisha which proves that it is not the choice of many locals when it comes to settling here. Despite the bungalow being one of its kind, it has been abandoned for many years which further confirms that people have been avoiding living in this place.

During the early stages of industrialization in India, a team of five Engineers had joined a department of Larsen & Toubro in Odisha, in early 1969. Their company obtained a vast track of hilly forest land in the tribal heartland of Sundargarh district in Odisha, Kansbahal.

As their factory was located in the North Colony, these workers were living in the South colony, the Workers Colony which was adjacent to the railway station and was moderately huge. 

According to the sources, the whole set-up was mind-blowingly spectacular but it was also eerie after every sunset and felt like danger was prowling, concealing itself into the shadow of darkness.

During the full moon, the newly joined Engineers would hear the faint melody of tribal folk music followed by the haunting beats of madal which is a percussion instrument widely used and found in Odisha.

As per the occasional reports, human sacrifice was practised there during the season of seed sowing but it was never backed up by any pieces of evidence.

During their probation period, the engineers finished six months in the South Colony and were shifted to two of the huge bungalows of the North Colony.

Due to the shortage of bungalows and demand from families for accommodation, two engineers among them namely, Mr. Sengupta and Santosh were offered to move into the allegedly haunted Bungalow of Kansbahal by their estate manager Mr. Muralidas.

After giving it a thought, they agreed to be an inhabitant of the same. The news of them going to reside in Kansbahal’s haunted bungalow spread like fire. As people were terrified only at the thought of them going to live there, many of their colleagues and their wives were reluctant and advised them otherwise.

As they had already accepted to stay there, backing off may have seemed like running away from the battlefield. Hence, they decided to stick to their words. With whispering prayers on their lips, they shifted into the newly renovated haunted bungalow of Kansbahal.

The moment they entered, they were mesmerized by the bungalow as it was splendiferous and tremendously huge. Accompanying them was their male servant Bandhu who soon had to leave after being caught red-handed for secretly renting the place and only adding on to massive bills.

Along with dozen of kids, a lady would have a grand feast during daytime which was witnessed by Mr. Sengupta on his way back when he forgot his office file at home.

One fine day, Mr. Sengupta was alone at the bungalow reading a book at night as his daily routine before bedtime. Suddenly, he was distracted by an unexpected sound over the terrace. It felt as if somebody was walking on the roof. This sound stopped for a while before starting again but this time, more loudly!

Having goosebumps all over his body, he was frightened to no end. He also heard a sound indicating that somebody was moving in the kitchen garden.

He decided to move further, recalling his mother’s advice “If you hear an unusual noise, you must find out the origin of it immediately. Otherwise it will only add to your anxiety”.

Abruptly, from the centre of the kitchen garden emerged some dark shadows peeking past the fence. Dumbfounded, he stopped for a moment and mustered more courage by cautiously moving forward and checking all the trees and surroundings with his handy torch. He found an unusual thing! 

When he reached the Guava tree in the middle of the kitchen garden, he found lots of half-eaten guavas on the ground. He heard some sounds, as he moved further he found lots of bats flying! 

Later, it was revealed that bats were feeding on Guavas. Because some parts of the Guava trees were covering half of the roof, some of those fruits would fall on it.

Since the roof was in a slanting position, Guava would even roll down to the kitchen garden making heavy noises of footsteps over the rooftop and rolling sounds in the kitchen garden respectively. Just like Bats, Jackals too were fond of Guavas.

They would feed on the them that were discarded by the bats. Simply put, Jackals and Bats would fight amongst each other for food. Each time they were fighting themselves, it resulted in strange and heavy sounds from the rooftop. 

Sharing his experiences, Mr. Sengupta reported having encountered nothing unusual during those times as such even after being all alone. But what about those residents who did face issues in the form of paranormal activities?

It is said that many people experienced the presence of some bewildering entity in the house, thought to be the phantom of the ex-resident.

Long ago, even before Mr. Sengupta and his team joined, this house belonged to Mr. Gurubox Sahani who was the chief accountant back then. Mr. Sahani used to stay in the bungalow along with his family.

After completing his project, he was supposed to vacate the bungalow and leave for his hometown the day he retired from the service. Unfortunately, he died of a heart attack the same day.

It was the first death in the Kansbahal colony which left everyone shocked due to his untimely demise. Gurubox Sahani was cremated nearby on the bank of the Brahmani river.

After his death, the bungalow was converted into an expansion of the guesthouse by the company owner. Soon after which, Mr. Antia started residing there. 

Antia was one of the first guests of the guesthouse extension. He was from Mr. Sengupta’s head office branch of Mumbai. Fortunately, Mr. Antia did not experience anything till evening and no paranormal activity was noted. 

But the next day was horrifying for Mr. Antia. He was shifted to the proper guest house as he was found in a state of terror and shock! It has been gossiped that Mr. Antia heard some frightening sound on the rooftop.

He believed that it was Mr. Gurubox Sahani’s spirit, sharing the same opinion with many other inhabitants to date. Since then nobody dared to stay in that bungalow. Steadily, it got recognition as one of the haunted houses in Odisha.

Local people were so frightened that anybody travelling after the sunset from the club road used to pass the distance as hastily as possible without having to glance at the bungalow even for once!

Although there are mixed opinions on this place being haunted, it does raise many questions among the locals such as if the place was not haunted why was it abandoned in the first place? Why is Kansbahal’s colony not the choice of many locals? Strange … isn’t it?

10. Balasore’s Haunted House

Balasore's Haunted House
Picture Credit: Wallpaper Access

Remember The Conjuring?

The Amityville Horror, Poltergeist, The Haunting in Connecticut, Crimson Peak — You just name it!

These classical Hollywood movies have one thing in common – they are based on true haunted house events that always make people question their real estate purchase. The haunted house movies are considered the staple food for the ingredients of the horror genre. 

Anything related to dead bodies, graveyards, and death, in general, is bound to make room for apprehension and phobia among the population.

Likewise, when it was revealed that the Balasore’s house is established on the graveyard, the mansion created a sensation and became the hot topic of the town among the local inhabitants. Ever since people have made confessions related to spooky stuff happening inside the house.

Balasore is a city in the state of Odisha about 194 kilometres north of the state capital Bhubaneshwar. Being the largest northern city of Odisha, this city also stands out for mysteriously beautiful Chandipur Beach or the Hide and Seek beach known for its unique phenomenon of seawater disappearing during the low tides.

Just like the beach, the haunted house of Balasore is considerably famous among the localities. Sources tell that a family of three people shifted to Balasore and moved in to stay there, unaware of the dangers ahead of them.

Shortly, they realized the presence of some unfathomable entities in the house that were disturbed by these human dwellers. These supernatural powers provided proof of their existence through paranormal activities as experienced and reported by the new residents at that time.

As per the reports, the family members had bruises, rashes, and scars all over their bodies that appeared as if they were severely beaten up by someone… goosebumps moment!

One may say, they might have been bitten by some insect which resulted in those rashes but is it possible that an insect bites all the members altogether, yet, in the very same fashion?

The further investigation followed by the incident was carried out. It was concluded only then that the house was built on a crematorium and all the occurrences felt by the residents were due to the ghosts of those dead people. After that day, locals have resisted the idea of living in that house…! 

Some also believe this to be a mere tale lacking truth in it or a cooked-up story with hearsay evidence. Sure, with so many possible theories and little to no evidence, finding out the whole truth means finding a needle in a haystack.

Still, as eerie as it may sound but there is no flame without fire. It may be difficult to conclude the percentage of truth in it. However, only the idea of having scars out of the blue is bone-chilling…

Creepy, right? 

Beyond the grasp of Science, continue to reside, the paranormal world, whose existence is still an uncanny mystery for many.

While maximum people try their level best to avoid an encounter with paranormal activities, you would be surprised to know that there are also a vast majority of people who vigorously enjoy being surrounded by such eerie places seeking out the adrenaline rush. 

Nevertheless, with numerous reports of paranormal activities in these settings, it is extremely crucial to be vigilant while exploring them.

Irrespective of your beliefs on the supernatural entity, these locations are enough to send a shiver down your spine. Although the existence of ghosts and spirits has been a topic of debate for centuries, the conclusions we come up with are completely from our own experiences.

So, are these tales or truths? We leave that for you to decide!

Hit that comment button and let us know your opinions below… And if you have ever come across anybody who might have gone through any such incidents or anything that you have experienced yourself, consider sharing them with us.

It is always a better idea to share experiences as you could be saving someone’s life through your comment – you never know. That’s all folks, until next time!

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