Shah Rukh Khan Top movies you’ve got to watch

Shah Rukh Khan: Top movies you’ve got to watch.

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Shah Rukh Khan is the undeniable king of Bollywood. Whether it is a romantic role, a goofy one, a serious one or a villain (remember Darr?), his fans think that he has done justice to each and every role. Oh, yeah. He is also every fangirl’s heartthrob.


Personally, I am not a fan. But, I do commend his roles in some of his movies I have gotten around to watching.

I am sure this lockdown has got you down in the dumps. To all his fans, here is a list of some of his really good movies that you can binge on to pass your time!

Chak De India!


Okay, this has to be one of his best movies ever. I have watched this quite a lot of time. The brooding, sexy vibe suits him! The way he looks up at the flag in tears towards the end is nothing short of a brilliant performance. This isn’t anything like his typical romantic film with his special pose, but a movie of pure devotion to the sports and the nation. If you haven’t watched this movie, then I am looking down on you. (A non-fan, remember that)

Kabhi Haan Kabhi NaaKabhi haan

Now if you don’t know this movie, it’s forgivable. This came out before Shah Rukh Khan’s career hit the pinnacle of stardom. It is one of his sweetest and most innocent performances ever. A dreamboat character who doesn’t even get the girl in the end, SRK makes us like Sunil despite his fiascos. 

Kal Ho Naa Ho

Kal ho na ho

Aman orchestrates a relationship between the girl he loves— Naina and her best friend, Rohit. Why the sacrifice? Because he is terminally ill and might not be around for long. It is full of romantic, weirdly twisty plots and of course some problematic gender stereotypes. But hey, SRK, right? Watch this soon because Kal ho naa ho?

Dear Zindagi


I thought this movie deserves a place here not only because of the charming psychiatrist role portrayed by Shah Rukh Khan but also because it is damn good. It is the most relatable movie ever and I won’t be convinced of otherwise. This is a refreshing movie about the ignored problematic dynamics in familial settings and how we are in desperate need to be set free. Watch this, if you haven’t yet. You will not regret it.



A story of home, this depicts the journey of an NRI who returned to his roots. On his quest to get his nanny back who helped him grow up, he begins to realize that his country needs him more than anything. He stays back to work for his country. This is a story about subtle patriotism and search-for-self.

My Name Is Khan


This movie depicts a darker, more prejudiced side of life. Shah Rukh Khan’s character suffers from Asperger’s syndrome, a type of autism. Rizvan Khan is thought to be a terrorist, thanks to his Muslim heritage and socially awkward behavior (owning to his disability), but he proves that not all can be judged based on appearances.

I would like to make some special mentions, some of his movies I have watched countless times thanks to the entertainment factor. Main Hoon Na, Chennai Express, and Om Shanti Om are my go-to whenever I need a dose of comedy, intensity and of course, Shah Rukh Khan.

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