Virtual Reality: A Marvel of Technology

Virtual Reality: A Marvel of Technology

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Virtual reality has been one of the major technological advancements of this decade. While we sit at the comfort of our homes, virtual reality simulates an experience beyond that. It has broken all boundaries between reality and our imagination. Want to experience scuba diving without training? Virtual reality to the rescue. Want to have a more interactive session with your favorite cartoon character? VR has got your back! Or maybe you want your favorite game to feel more real. Virtual reality will make the impossible possible in front of your very eyes.

Do you remember those big sunglasses like headgears that are so popular? That’s the head-mounted display (HMD) and is the most recognizable of all. 

Let us learn more about it, shall we?

What is Virtual reality?

Virtual reality is an application of computer technology. It uses computer tech and creates a very life-like simulation. The situation can be anything, from a football field to a war-zone. It is unlike traditional user interfaces where the interaction is minimum. VR puts us right inside the experience. As I said, life-like, right?. We are thrust into an artificial 3D world where we can interact freely, rather than just have a viewing screen in front of us. Virtual reality programs use all our senses to guide us into this world and give us a lively experience. It is almost limitless. 

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VR technology:

I think most of us would easily recognize the HMD or head-mounted display. This is one of the more popular applications of Virtual reality. It is worn over the head like sunglasses or can be fitted into a helmet of sorts. They have a small display optic in front of our eyes. It can either be monocular or binocular HMD. This helmet-sized device has opened different worlds to us! There are many major players in the world of HMDs, most popular are Oculus Quest, Playstation VR or HTC Vive Pro. But many others are also vying for the top spot. 

Uses of Virtual Reality:

Sports: VR has changed the face of sports. Even though no one can argue with the stadium experience, people have been inclined towards trying sports in VR. Sports are now streamed live in virtual reality. They also wish to be able to sell tickets for virtually streamed games one day. They are also helpful in training players on and off the field. 

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2. Military: VR is now used in all services under the military. Its wide range uses are very helpful in training personnel in a huge range of simulations. Trainees can be put in many different situations and environments to gauge their training and skills. It is perfect for war-zone like experience and it prepares them for the real thing to some extent.

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Education:  it has been successfully adopted into the field of education and teaching. Field trips area fun but not everything can be learned via these trips. Through Virtual reality technology, students can learn practically. They can visit different eras, different countries as well. It will help in providing rounded learning. VR also helps students with special needs, such as those with autism or dyslexia.

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Medical Training: it provides a very consequence-free learning environment for the students of medicine. They can very easily practice medical surgeries and procedures. 

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Mental health: Virtual reality has proven helpful in the field of psychology and mental health. It has helped in curing PTSD or at least helps the patient cope with the stress. It also helps in therapies as it provides a safe environment for patients to deal with their fears at their own pace.

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With unprecedented advancements in technology, we can be certain that it will play a massive role in a better future. And who knows by what leaps and bounds might virtual reality improve as well.

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