Coffee: Pros and Cons of consuming Caffeine. Coffee is ever-present.

Coffee: Pros and Cons of consuming Caffeine

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Coffee is an important part of our daily lives. Wherever you go, someone is carrying a Starbucks cup to work or class (though it tastes terrible, Instagram worthy?!). Anyway, whether you get it from a coffee shop or carry it from home, coffee is an ever-present part of many lives. 

Coffee, Benefits and Risks

Nowadays, with health consciousness on the rise, the main question weighing heavily on many people’s minds is: “Is coffee healthy?”

So, today let’s answer this question and put your mind to rest!

Benefits of Caffeine –

We will start with dessert first! The good bit has to come first, right?

Coffee has high levels of antioxidants and nutrients that are highly beneficial and healthy. Let us quickly get into it.

1. Can improve your energy levels: Coffee can greatly improve your energy levels. This we knew right? That sudden rush of energy you feel when you take a sip of freshly made coffee is amazing. This is because of caffeine, a stimulant, and a psychoactive substance. Caffeine absorption into the bloodstream leads to an increase in dopamine which makes you less tired and more vigilant. 

2. Can help you burn fat: Caffeine is one of the few substances for fat burning that occurs naturally. It boosts your metabolic rate significantly. However, possibilities are there that these effects wear out in coffee drinkers over time.

3. Lowers the risk of many diseases: Caffeine consumption lowers the risk of many diseases including Type 2 diabetes (nearly 25-50%) and heart diseases and strokes (nearly 20%). It may lower the risks of certain types of cancer as well (liver cancer and colorectal cancer), Alzheimer’s and dementia (by 65%), and Parkinson’s. Here the keyword is may as we are focusing on prevention and not cure. There are no known cures for Alzheimer’s, dementia or Parkinson’s.

Risks of Caffeine –

Every good thing has a dark side. Or for purpose of pun intended, a black side. All the benefits mentioned above are for moderate consumption of coffee. Over-consumption of caffeine can have serious side effects on your body. Both emotionally and physically. 

1.Increased anxiety and restlessness: Excessive consumption of caffeine can lead to increased anxiety, agitation, and restlessness. It can also cause insomnia which will, in turn, cause several health issues due to lack of proper sleep. 

2. Caffeine leads to addiction: Caffeine is, in the end, a type of drug and it can lead to addiction. Caffeine dependency is hard to get rid of and the withdrawal symptoms are worse. Withdrawal symptoms include headache, tiredness, irritability, depression, and reduced energy. Hence it is better to maintain the consumption at a moderate level.

3.Risks for younger people: The effects caffeine can have on younger people isn’t clear as of yet. Due to the above-mentioned problems of excessive coffee consumptions, doctors believe it is best not to introduce kids and young adults. Caffeine use or abuse can subsequently lead to problematic drug and/or alcohol abuse later on in life. 

What should be the takeaway lesson here?

Moderation is the key fellows! 

We should always practice moderation no matter what we do in life and this extends to caffeine as well. If coffee happens to be an integral part of your life, make sure you don’t let it control you. You control it.

We should be mindful of it.

Otherwise, enjoy your venti macchiato! 


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