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Tales or Truths? Top 10 Most Haunted Places in Orissa

Top 10 Evil Haunted Places in Odisha

Reading Time: 19 minutes We all love holidaying at various destinations to unwind ourselves from life stressors. Travelling is a sure way to... Read more »
Ayurvedic Herb Lists

Best Ayurvedic Herbs List – Should Not Miss

Reading Time: 3 minutes Age-old scientific practices always hold a torchlight in our hard times. A peek into the ancient history of India... Read more »
Odissi feature

Odissi: The mesmerizing dance of Odisha

Reading Time: 3 minutes Dance has been the oldest form of communication. It is a form of expression which needs no words. India... Read more »

Immunity: Using Ayurveda to boost immunity

Reading Time: 4 minutes Coronavirus, or COVID-19, has put the world into a frenzy. Many fear for their health and of those around... Read more »
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Forests to explore in Odisha

Reading Time: 4 minutes Odisha takes pride in its untouched forests and it is rightly so. Odisha has been misinterpreted as an “underdeveloped... Read more »
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Coffee: Pros and Cons of consuming Caffeine

Reading Time: 3 minutes Coffee is an important part of our daily lives. Wherever you go, someone is carrying a Starbucks cup to... Read more »
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Finance Books: Books To help manage personal finance

Reading Time: 3 minutes Finance and how to manage it has become a big deal for many in these trying times. Many worry... Read more »
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Virtual Reality: A Marvel of Technology

Reading Time: 4 minutes Virtual reality has been one of the major technological advancements of this decade. While we sit at the comfort... Read more »
financial crisis getty 1200.jpg

Financial Crisis: Steps to minimize the damage

Reading Time: 3 minutes A financial crisis can leave you devastated, to say the least. The fear of it can be a nightmare.... Read more »
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FAKE NEWS: Misuse of technology

Reading Time: 3 minutes Fake news is a bane in this era of technology. With technology spreading its wings wider and wider, the instances... Read more »