odisha agriculture entrepreneurship promotion scheme
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  1. In 2018-19 financial year total gross state domestic product (GSDP) was at 8.4%.
  2. In the last financial (17-18) year the GSDP growth was at 7.4%.
  3. Odisha was having a better growth rate in 2018-19 in comparison to Haryana, Punjab , Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Maharastra, and Chattisgarh.
  4. In recent times the Odisha economy is industry and service-oriented while it mostly depends upon agriculture and allied activities.
  5. According to the estimation in the last eight years, Odisha GSDP has grown 123% which is a rare and remarkable achievement in the history of Odisha Economy.
  6. Odisha has been a favourite foreign direct investment destination in the last decade.
  7. According to the RBI sources in 2012-13 financial year, Odisha attracted a hefty sum of 8.33billion $(53,000 crores)
  8. According to the 2011 census, the total labour force of Odisha was 17,541,589.
  9. According to the 2011 census Odisha rural employment rate was 8 per cent while the urban growth rate was at 9 per cent.
  10. In 2013-14 the per capita income per annum of Odisha was 1531 $ or Rs 98,9813.
  11. In the 2018-19 Odisha Gross debt was Rs 98,913 crores.
  12. Odisha has consolidated his position in vegetables production in recent times.
  13. In 2018-19 Odisha has exported seafood around Rs 1800 crore (4.13 lac tonne)
  14. Odisha’s industries mostly revolves around Minerals, Quarrying, and electricity production.
  15. In 2014-15 the total contribution of the industry towards in GSDP was 33.45%.
  16. Total percentage of mineral reserves in iron ore in all over India in Odisha is 25%
  17. Odisha has the capacity of steel production across India around 10 %.
  18. Odisha is also famous for its Aluminium production in all over the India.(50% India production)
  19. Odisha has the capacity of 9036.36 Mega Watt electricity production out of which 93 MW is thermal electricity  and hydroelectricity is about,116.39MW.
  20. Service sector contribution in GSDP was 51% in 2014-15.
  21. In 2018-19 Service sector contribution in GSDP was 41.6%.
  22. In recent times there is a sharp decline of agriculture and allied activities contribution in GSDP.
  23. To make women self-independent Odisha Government has recently launched Mission Shakti. In this programme 6 lakhs SHGs are prepared and in which 60lakhs women are associated to earn their living hood.
  24. Odisha service sector mostly comprises of Hotel and Restaurant, Travel and Tourism Finance and Insurance.
  25. In 2016 Odisha has implemented AKSHAYA SAKTI NITI to promote renewable energy sources in electricity production.
  26. Every year Odisha used to produce 50 million tonne industrial wastage which can be alarming sign for environmental pollution.
  27. In2016 Odisha has implement special law for Food Processing
  28. In 2018-19 February Odisha unemployment rate was hovering around 7% while that of India was at 6.2%.
  29. In Odisha recent times around 22 lakhs educated people are unemployed while 80 lakhs are uneducated unemployed.
  30. Odisha is aiming at 12% GSDP by 2020.
  31. Odisha has implemented SINGLE WIDOW system and THE ODISHA INDUSTRIES Facilitation ACT 2004 for promoting industrial growth in the state.
  32. Odisha is planning to invest 28.69 $ in the manufacturing sector which will create 30laks employments.
  33. Odisha is almost ready to implement Skilled in Odisha to rope in 15lacs adults for their skill enhancement training.

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